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Our Commissions & Organizations

"The mission of St. Luke's Episcopal Church is to spread the Word and share the love of God with all people."

At St. Luke's, we believe our mission statement reflects a dual emphasis of our congregation - a focus on social justice and ministry to the community on one hand, and a focus on sacramental worship on the other.

Our rich African-American heritage forms the basis for our existence as an Anglican Episcopal Church. We value our history. We value over a century of traditional worship, leadership, and community service. We embrace core values that preserve our past, build on the present, and provide guidance for the future.

Christian Formation

Co-Facilitator: Joni Jones
Co-Facilitator: Charles W. Blakely

Purpose: To develop and implement ways and means to assist the parish in meeting the spiritual needs of its constituents-providing opportunities for personal spiritual growth and development. To monitor and assure that Christian Formation is a reality for all ages, that the needs of all are being met, or at least addressed.

Works in close consultation with the Rector, recommending, and with the approval of the Rector, implementing ways and means to enhance the overall spirituality of the parish. Provides innovative and conventional opportunities to assure that the spiritual needs of all are met. (May consider such things as planning and scheduling workshops or retreats led by members of religious (monastic) communities, thereby providing access to a number of Christian disciplines and various types of Christian spirituality).

Also, in consultation with the Rector, may assist with the planning of weekday Lenten programs/activities, or other special liturgies. Works closely with and monitors all areas of parish life pertaining to overall spiritual life: Altar Guild, Acolytes, lay liturgical assistants, Newcomer Greeting, Choir/Music.

Consider, plan, and execute special Christian Education events for the parish (may use diocesan resources & other). Keep abreast of the various diocesan Christian Formation opportunities/offerings.

In close consultation with the Sunday School Superintendent and staff, monitor the needs, curriculum, effectiveness, etc., of our Sunday Church School.

Other areas of responsibility/oversight/facilitation include Vacation Church School, EYC, and adult formation.

Parish Fellowship: A Sense of Belonging

Co-Facilitator: Darnell Holmes
Co-Facilitator: Gerald Martin

Purpose: To plan and implement means by which we may foster a sense of "belonging," a sense of “community” among the members of the parish; an intentional fraternizing, drawing our own people, as well as newcomers, into an awareness of our corporate unity as a Christian family. Provide ways to assimilate newcomers in our midst into the parish family.

Responsible for planning “social” activities for the parish -- covered dish/pot luck suppers, trips, etc., whatever it takes to keep us fellowshipping one with the other, in the spirit of a parish family. Responsible for and /or coordinates Sunday coffee/fellowship hours, including recruiting sponsors and providing and maintaining a sign-up chart. This is one means of intentional fraternizing.

Buildings/Grounds (Maintenance)

Facilitator: Frances Goodwin , Jr. Warden

Purpose: To assure that the material fabrics of all properties are kept in top condition, thereby acting as responsible stewards, offering to God's Glory our very best! Responsible for maintaining, improving and expanding facilities. Recruit a core group of people possessing special skills or training in the necessary crafts to assist in keeping buildings and grounds in top condition at minimum expense.

In close consultation with the Rector, maintain a list of appropriate memorial gift suggestions to be supplied to parishioners and other interested parties; receive gift suggestions from interested parties, determine appropriateness (if the gift suggestion is needed and within overall architectural design), and make recommendations to the Vestry for approval or disapproval. Report action of the Vestry to interested party or parties.

Church Growth

Facilitator: Milton Parker
Co-Facilitator: Corine Whittington-Kimpson

Purpose: To develop and implement strategies to increase the membership of the church; to increase the Average Sunday Attendance (ASA); to reclaim lapsed members (those who have left the church or no longer attending) and to lead the un-churched to a knowledge of our Lord through the ministry and witness of St. Luke's Episcopal Church.


Facilitator: Michelle Ingram-Smith
Co-Facilitator: Corine Whittington-Kimpson

Purpose: To develop and implement strategies to increase the membership of the church; to increase the Average Sunday Attendance (ASA); to reclaim lapsed members (those who have left the church or no longer attending) and to lead the un-churched to a knowledge of our Lord through the ministry and witness of St. Luke's Episcopal Church.

Community Outreach

Facilitator: Joseph Ray
Co-Facilitator: Cassandra Sims

Purpose: To plan and implement ways to enhance and increase our visibility in the community, providing services of worth and value - whether social, educational or cultural.

Investigates and determines needs in the community and ways in which St. Luke’s might provide assistance. Also, ways in which our parish facilities may be used to assist the community with educational and cultural resources -- for example, seminars/workshops/forums on drug prevention, AIDS prevention, teen pregnancy, hypertension; tutorial services and/or counseling; provide an outlet for local up-and-coming (African American) artists to exhibit their works; the fine arts, etc. The possibilities are limitless. Coordinate various Church/Diocesan appeals – Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD), Hunger, etc. Responsible for all outreach ministries, funding and coordinating requests.

William F. O’Neal Center

Facilitator/Executive Director: Herbert Bynoe
Co-Facilitator: Joseph Ray
Co-Facilitator: Gerald Martin

Purpose: To plan and implement the development and use of the William F. O’Neal Center. Specifically: Determine how the Center will be used by the church, community and for the glory of God.

It will be the primary responsibility of the Commission, in consultation with the Rector, to determine which tenants would be allowed to use the Center. Specifically, in close consultation with the Rector, the commission will decide who, when, and what activities will be allowed. The Commission will review, investigate, approve and coordinate all events and program requests. The Commission will assure that St. Luke’s Church and its stated activities would be given a place of priority in the Center’s use. In consultation with the Finance Commission, assume responsibility for all of the Center’s finances to include, but not limited to, operational cost, rental/usage charges, long and short-term debts, improvements and renovations cost, contracts and fund-raising activities.

Finance Committee

Facilitator: Milton Parker

Purpose: Responsible for the Annual Budget (proposed and actual) and presenting to the Vestry, with recommendations, for adoption.

In consultation with the Rector, plans and executes the annual Every Member Canvass. Provide on-going follow-up (throughout the year) to the EMC, periodically informing the parish and individuals of their financial status.

Works very closely with the Parish Treasurer and assistants (automatically members) reviewing the overall financial statements; reports monthly to the Vestry, making any necessary recommendations.

Also, plans and executes special/occasional drives or fund raisers, as necessary, to assist with meeting budgetary obligations.


Daughters of the King - The Daughters of the King is an order of women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church, churches in communion with the Episcopal Church or churches in the Historic Episcopate. Members undertake a Rule of Life, incorporating the Rule of Prayer and the Rule of Service. All prayer requests are faithfully prayed on daily and are updated after one month. Daughters participate in religious study as a chapter and have sponsored Quiet Days along with the Spiritual Life Commission of St. Luke’s. Daughters also attend National, Provincial, and Diocesan sponsored events aimed at strengthening one’s spiritual life.

Episcopal Church Women (ECW) - The ECW consists of confirmed church women whose purpose is to provide leadership, gifts and services with the national church. ECW Crafters and Quilters gather on Thursdays at 4:30pm.

Mary & Martha Altar Guild - The purpose of the Mary Martha Altar Guild is to take care of all the detailed work involved in assisting the Rector with the altar and carrying out any services at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

Men's Club - The St. Luke's Men's Club is dedicated to supporting the ministry and special needs of the parish. Membership is open to all male communicants and friends of the parish. Our primary fundraisers are the annual spring and fall fish fry. We sponsor several fellowship breakfasts and distribute food baskets to the needy at Christmas. We have any number of other projects during the year. Our meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month.

St. David's Ushers Guild - Because first impressions are the ones that stay with us, St. Luke’s Ushers, (St. David’s Ushers Guild), represent the congregation and the church before, during and after worship service. Being an usher at our church is both an opportunity and an obligation. “An opportunity to serve God by serving His people, and an obligation to learn how to listen to God so that we can be sure that we are providing the right kind of service- God’s service”.

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